Mission Control
Mission Control

Midseason, 2015 - TBA

Mission Control is a single-camera comedy starring Krysten Ritter and Tommy Dewey.

About the showEdit

Houston, we have a problem! Dr. Mary Kendricks is a tough but brilliant aerospace engineer, leading a team of NASA scientists at the cutting edge of space exploration. The only problem is, this is the 1960s and she's a woman. Navigating the ridiculous boys' club of astronauts and engineering nerds is no easy task, but she's up to the challenge... until her boss brings on Tom - a former hotshot test pilot and overall man's man - to co-manage her team. It doesn't help that he initially mistakes her for a secretary. Between him, her astronaut boyfriend Cash and her offbeat all-guy team, Mary certainly has her hands full... but at the end of the day, they all want the same thing: to get a man on the moon. It might just take a woman to get him there.

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